Recruiter Workflow Improvements - Introducing the All New Jobs Page


At Teamable, we're always looking for ways to optimize recruiter workflows to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to request introductions to prospective candidates from your company's employees.

We listened closely to your feedback and today, we're excited to announce some major changes which we believe will make it even easier to hire great referral candidates with Teamable:

  • Jobs (formerly Job Lists) is now the default page and, before taking action, you choose the job (requisition) to work on.

  • Jobs completely redesigned with search box, pagination, and discrete buttons for finding candidates, requesting intros, and managing settings.

  • We no longer use pop-ups for Jobs, Create New Job, Request Referral, Connect Networks, or Edit Job pages.

  • Referral request page completely redesigned. We now only show candidates who have not yet been contacted by default and, when viewing previously contacted candidates, you can easily see the candidate status and the last status update date (e.g. last requested, responded.) You can send group or individual requests. And the job settings won't pop up every time a referral request is made.

  • Breadcrumbs on all job related pages make it easier to navigate to the job and task you wish to complete.


Figure One: Introducing the new Jobs page, the default landing page in the Recruiter view. Now you can grok the health of your candidate pipeline more easily by seeing how many intros have been requested (sourced) and how many candidates have been added to a list but where intros have not yet been sent out (new). All of the key actions are more intuitive and easy to perform (search, source, get intros, setup, archive, delete, or create new job).



Figure Two: Animated Gif of the new Jobs page - starting with Creating a New Job, Sourcing Intros, and Requesting intros.




Figure Three: Candidates on a Job Search. We now only display new candidates, not those you've reached out to previously.



Figure Four: Get Intros. We now show only those candidates who are not reached out via 'To Contact' by default. When you click on 'Previously Contacted' you can see the date of last activity and candidate status. 




Figure Five: Introducing Breadcrumbs. Now it's easy to see where you are within the Jobs page.



Figure Six: Animated Gif of the Job Set up workflow. Now it's easier to see all of the settings and make any changes (job title, position url, visibility, department, bonus (if any), outreach template to employee, suggested outreach template to candidate.


What do you think of the new Teamable? Contact CS.


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