New Feature: Send to Hiring Manager for Review

How to engage Hiring Managers in your recruiting pipeline

Getting Started
By default, Hiring Manager Review is enabled at the account level but turned off for every job. This allows you to configure it to your specifications for each job.

Whenever you add a Hiring Manager to the job settings, an additional stage called 'Hiring Manager Review' will appear from the tracking tab. 

Figure One: Adding a Hiring Manager to the Job Settings for a specific Job and seeing the additional stage 'Hiring Manager Review' enabled for that job.

Once you have added a Hiring Manager, when you click on 'Intro' now from the search tab, you'll have two options: 'Send Request' or 'Add for Review'.

Note: If you click 'Save' without checking the 'Require hiring manager review...' checkbox, then the stage will still appear but it will be optional. Meaning your recruiters can send out intro requests without requiring the hiring manager's approval.

If you wish to require a Hiring Manager's approval, simply check the box below the specified Hiring Manager.

Note: If you click on the 'Require hiring manager review...' checkbox, you must specify the hiring manager.

Figure Two: Form validation prevents you from requiring a hiring manager if one hasn't been selected.

Once you have saved the settings, you will see the 'Hiring Manager Review' stage appear on the tracking tab, as before. But now, from search, you will only have one option: 'Add for Review'.



Figure Three: Adding a Hiring Manager to the Job Settings for a specific Job and checking the 'Require hiring manager review before referral requests are sent out' option. Then seeing the additional stage 'Hiring Manager Review' enabled for that job.

To enable Hiring Manager Review for your account, contact Teamable CS.

Once enabled, you'll be able to manage this option position by position. (By default, it will be enabled for all positions).

Managing the Hiring Manager Review Option
To see whether you have Hiring Manager Review enabled and to choose the Hiring Manager who will be reviewing the prospects you've sourced follow these steps (with Recruiter permissions).

  1. Open the job from the jobs page.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. From Basic Information, choose the Hiring Manager (and optionally check the 'Require hiring manager review before referral requests are sent out'. if you wish to require this).

Figure Four: The Hiring Manager selected for Review in Job>Settings>Basic Information.

Once prospects have been added to the 'Hiring Manager Review' stage by clicking 'Add to Review' the hiring manager you've assigned under job settings will receive an email notification to review the prospect. But anyone with recruiter permissions can approve the prospect. All activity is tracked under the notes tab on the prospective candidate's card.

Figure Five: A prospect moved from Hiring Manager Review to Intro Requested and the notes providing candidate history on who took the action and when.

Figure Six: Assigned Hiring Manager can go to tracking and click 'Approve' or 'Reject Prospect'.


As soon as the prospect is approved, he or she will move to the Intro Requested state where you can then request a warm intro from someone at the company who knows the prospect or send a direct message

Note: There is also an option to enable auto-approval for recruiters. You can manage the settings for both on a job-by-job basis. The Hiring Manager Review impacts the Recruiter workflow and the Auto-Approval impacts the employee workflow.

For example, if you enter a hiring manager, check the 'Require hiring manager review' option and uncheck the Auto-Approval option, it would result in the following flow for employee suggested candidates:

  1. Employee refers a candidate.
  2. Recruiter approves referral.
  3. Hiring manager approves referral.
  4. Candidate messaged.

This is a lot of steps so exercise caution as you'll see participation drop off at each added step.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact Support. 

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