New Feature: Copy/Paste a list of Company Names into Company Field

Now you can copy-paste a list of company names directly into Teamable

It's easy to copy and paste specific companies into the Teamable job search.

This can be helpful if you have a list of companies you're targeting.

Note: Teamable uses the semicolon as a field separator.

If your list doesn't already include a semicolon, you can easily copy a list of company names into the company search field by including a semicolon and combining the two cell values into a calculated value, e.g. =A2&B2

Then you can copy the calculated values from the column C directly into Teamable and hit return to have them parsed. Your search results will update automatically.

Teamable will display prospects who are connected to your employees who work at the companies you're targeting.

Watch the short animated gif below to see this exciting new feature in action!:


Figure One: Copying and Pasting Company Names into Teamable

Suggested Uses: For example, if you're using Teamable for sales prospecting and your AE or MDR team have named accounts, they can easily add their accounts to any search, get intros, and start booking demos.

You can also use this capability to remove a list of companies from search results.

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