How to Enable OneLogin Integration & Set up Provisioning for Teamable (for OneLogin Admins)

OneLogin is one of the many supported SSO security authentication services that can be used with Teamable.


If your company uses OneLogin, please follow the detailed instructions below to enable OneLogin for Teamable.

Please note, to enable the OneLogin integration you must be a OneLogin Admin for your company.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to OneLogin as an administrator.

2. Click on 'New App'.

3. Type 'Teamable' into the Search box under 'Find Applications' and hit Enter.

4. Click on the 'Teamable' connector.

5.  Click 'Save'.

6. Click on the 'Configuration' tab.

7. Enter your Teamable subdomain in the 'Teamable Subdomain' field in the following format (this is your company-specific URL): {companyname} (e.g. 

8. Click on the 'SSO' tab.

9. Click the 'Copy' icon next to the 'Issuer URL' and send this URL to or your Customer Success Manager.

10. Click 'Save'.

11. In the top right-hand corner, click on your user icon and select 'App Portal / Home' from the dropdown.

12. Great job! You will now see the Teamable App available in your OneLogin portal!

Now that you have added the Teamable OneLogin App, make sure to enable this app for all relevant users at your company--whether that is your entire company, specific teams, or individual users.


The following provisioning features are supported via Teamable:

Push New Users
New users created through OneLogin will also be created in the third party application.

Push Profile Updates
Updates made to the user's profile through OneLogin will be pushed to the third party application.

Push User Deactivation
Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through OneLogin will deactivate the user in the third party application.


  • Teamable does not support group provisioning. 
  • Users already in Teamable will not be recreated. 
  • To enable provisioning you need to get a bearer token from Teamable Customer Success.

Configuration Steps

Configure your Provisioning settings for Teamable as follows.

1. Add Teamable app to your applications.

2. Click 'Save' to continue.

3. Go to 'Configuration' tab.

4. Fill in the necessary fields as follows. (You will need an 'SCIM Bearer Token'  from Teamable CS team). Then click enable to connect with API. 



5. Go to 'SSO' and copy Issuer URL. You must give copied URL to Teamable Customer Success team to enable SSO in Teamable.

6. Go to 'Provisioning' and click on checkbox 'Enable provisioning for Teamable' to enable user provisioning with Teamable.

7. Now you can assign Teamable to Roles from 'Access' or manually add the application to users and manage users provisioning from the 'Users' part of the Teamable application of OneLogin.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Users without Email and First Name and Last Name in their OneLogin profiles cannot be imported to Teamable as new users.
  • Users deactivated from OneLogin cannot be reactivated in Teamable.

Please contact if you have any further questions.

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