How to Respond to a Recruiter's Referral Request

At Teamable, we know the best way to get in contact with a candidate is by asking someone who knows them to make a warm introduction.

Once a recruiter identifies someone in your network that they think might be a match for a role, they will send you a request to make the intro.

You will receive an email like this:

For each prospect, there are four potential actions, depending on which link you click:

  • I'm happy to recommend [candidate] and make a quick, customized intro.
  • I'm happy to recommend [candidate], but delegate reaching out to the recruiter.
  • I don't know the [candidate].
  • [Candidate] is not a good fit for this role.


When you click on one of the links above, it will take you to the suggested prospect to confirm the intended action.

Make a quick, customized intro. Make any changes you'd like to the subject, body, cc or bcc fields and click 'Send' to send the email from your company email address

 Leave an additional comment (required), and click 'Submit Feedback'.

I don't know. Leave an additional comment (not required) and click 'Submit Feedback'.


Not a good fit. Leave an additional comment (required), and click 'Submit Feedback'.

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