The New and Improved Teamable!

Information for migrating from the old Teamable to the new Teamable

During a migration, Teamable preserves all of your old account information:

  • Employees and their connections
  • Jobs
  • Job Searches
  • Candidates
  • Prospects Marked as Top Talent
  • Templates

However there are a lot of changes to Teamable so we've prepared this guide to provide a quick highlight and overview:


  • Before: two "sides" that required switching views".
  • Now: Single navigation bar.

Team selection (subdomain)

  • Before: not available.
  • Now: Discovery option that can send email to all teams associated with that address.

Connecting Networks

  • Before: single page. Some networks were easily missed.
  • Now: Step-by-step network connection, with value propositions.

Profile Creation

  • Before: Employee photo was brought in using enrichment.
  • Now: Each employee can input details and add and customize photo.

Open Job Matches

  • Before: Long list of jobs with up to three people shown and basic search.
  • Now: List of jobs with search by location and department (as well as open search). Preview of how many possible matches the employee has. Can view all of those matches. Job details are much more visible.


  • Before: List of connections per company.
  • Now: Contact your Customer Success Manager to get the metrics you need.

Your Network

  • Before: Searchable list of your network connections. Can mark top talent and then go through a different workflow to refer them.
  • Now: (In progress) Searchable list of your network connections. Simple referrals with job selection.

Requests and Referral Tracking

  • Before: Single list of next steps, including responding to intro requests.
  • Now: Referrals shown in progress that matches what the recruiter sees. Intro requests are broken out separately so it's really clear to see if there are any pending actions.


  •  Before: Ranked list of people in the company.
  • Now: Easier for current user to see their ranking.

Resume Upload

  • Before: Jump to a page that doesn't appear to be part of the product. Called submit referral.
  • Now: Resides normally within the product. Called resume upload, since it's just another avenue for submitting a referral.

Intro Requests

  • Before: List of all requests, whether acted on or not.
  • Now: Separate page for open requests and a page with tracking of progress.


  • Before: Open and unfocused, with confusing inputs and defaults.
  • Now: Job specific searches only with clearer search types and fields.

Open Jobs

  • Before: Several actions and settings on a single page.
  • Now: Single action to do more with a single job.

Job Settings

  • Before: Set up in various points in the application and confusing templates.
  • Now: Templates, settings, and search are broken into individual areas to make it more clear.

Get Intros

  • Before: Confusing list without clear actions.
  • Now: Consistent flow across all points.


  • Before: Have to find the job again, and all states are mixed together. Resume uploads and sourced prospects are in separate areas.
  • Now: Clear phases associated with single jobs with associated action items.

Top Talent

  • Before: Page with Top Talent listed in no particular order.
  • Now: Can search for top talent while sourcing for jobs.


  • Before: Page with all of the Templates with various criteria.
  • Now: Clearer criteria and managed in job and personal settings. Error messages for incorrect snippets.

Candidate Cards

  • Before: A bunch of unlabeled icons and very little information.
  • Now: Designed to show first level and second level decision making information. Clearer labels for interaction. Easy to see interaction history.
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