How Do I Enable Additional Questions for Employees Submitting a Resume?

Enabling additional questions ensures you receive more qualifying information about candidates as they enter your active candidate pipeline.

When a candidate submits a resume, they are asked the following by default:

Now you can have your employee give you additional optional answers about a candidate whose CV they've submitted for an opening at your company.

Once enabled, the employee will receive an email after submitting a resume:


When they click on the link in the email, they'll be taken to a page to answer additional questions.

Once they've submitted their answers, the answers are available in the notes field for the applicant.

Teamable will also add their answers to the additional questions to the candidate's profile in your ATS and email the recruiter who owns the role to let him or her know that additional information is available on the prospect.

To enable these additional questions for your Teamable account, please contact Support.


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