How Can I Disable Our Teamable Account ATS Integration?

We’re sorry to see you leave Teamable and we hope you’ll take another look in the future as we’re always adding new features and functionality to make it easier for your employees to refer great employees to your organization.

Your Employees’ Data
Whenever we disable an account, we also turn off all of the data connected with that account. If you would like to receive any reports prior to your account being shut off, please coordinate these requests with Support.

Your Applicant Tracking System
See below for specific instructions for your ATS

Turning off your Greenhouse Integration

When you connected with Teamable, you provided us with two API keys.

  1. Teamable partner key - enables us to automatically pull in your jobs and to auto entry referrals made through Teamable into Greenhouse.
  2. Harvest API key - enables us to check candidates in Teamable (aka people your employees know) against candidates in Greenhouse to ensure no one refers someone who is already in Greenhouse, to keep your team from having to flip back and forth, and to update the statuses automatically of referrals made through Teamable so employees can see their progress in the tracking page. Without this, a lot of the advanced sourcing automation that saves your team time won’t work.

Instructions for revoking each below.

NOTE from Greenhouse if you don't see the Dev Center and cannot create a partner API key:

Users who need access to manage API credentials for your organization will need to be assigned access to do so. Users of any type (Basic, Interviewer, Job Admin, or Site Admin) can be assigned one or both of the following permissions:

  • Can manage Job Board related API Credentials
  • Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials

Users with Site Admin permissions who also have the advanced "Can edit another user's advanced permissions" permission will be able to assign these API management permissions to other users. Here are the steps:

  • Click Configure
  • Click Users
  • Either click the + New Users button to add a new user, or click on the name of an existing user to edit their permissions
  • Drop down Developer Permissions and put a check in the box next to either Can manage Job Board related API Credentials or Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials. The latter option includes access to both the Job Board API as well as the Harvest API.
  • Click Save
  1. In the Greenhouse dashboard go to: Configure -> Dev Center -> API Credential Management.


Click ‘Revoke’ next to the Harvest API and the Teamable API key in order to disable each of these keys.


Note: there may be other applications that are using your Harvest API key, so you may wish to regenerate this key and provide the new key to these application vendors.

That’s it! You’re done!




Turning off your Lever Integration

How to disable your Lever ATS integration with Teamable.

Note: To set up Lever integration, you will need to be a Super Admin of your Lever instance.

When we connected with your ATS, we asked for only one Lever API key, but there are two places to look in Lever depending on which version of Lever you're using.

1) Enterprise Lever:

Go to Settings>Integrations>API Credentials

If you have Enterprise Lever and are an administrator, you will have the ability to click 'Generate New Key' for the Lever API credentials (not Postings API credentials). You can also revoke any of the existing keys.

You should have a key already created here that says Teamable. Click ‘Revoke’ to remove the key.

That's it, you're finished!

2) Professional Lever: 

Go to Settings>Integrations>API Credentials

If you don't have Enterprise Lever, you will see the following in the Lever API credentials area:

You can contact Lever to inquire about how much additional it would cost to move to the Enterprise version of Lever or you can continue and obtain the Partner Integration Key for Teamable.

To obtain this key, click on the Partner Integrations tab:

Then scroll down to the Sourcing section.

Then see that Teamble is turned on.

Click to expand.

Click ‘Revoke’ to remove.

That’s it! You’re done.



Turning off your Jobvite Integration

When you connected with Teamable, you provided Teamable with the following via Jobvite Engage:

  1. In order to connect Teamable with Jobvite, you had the Jobvite "Engage" module enabled and request the following from the Jobvite Customer Success Team:
  • api_key
  • api_secret
  • comp_id

IMPORTANT NOTE: These keys must have access to all 3 APIs:

  1. Job API
  2. Contact API
  3. Candidate API.

You also provided a default job owner in Teamable.

  • This is who owns the job in Teamable whenever the person who is the primary job owner in Jobvite has not created a Teamable account.

You also created the following custom fields in Jobvite.

Note: this requires Admin access to your Jobvite instance.

In the Admin view, click on Engage>Custom Fields.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Choose Type>Text.
  3. For Name type ‘Teamable Notes and Messages’ (without single quotes).
  4. For Internal Name type ‘teamable_notes_and_messages’ (without single quotes).
  5. Click Save.

Figure One: Adding Custom Field in Jobvite.

Custom Source

Next, you will create a custom source in Jobvite.

In the Admin view, click on Configurations>Sources>View Sources.

  1. Click Add Candidate Source.
  2. Type in 'Teamable prospect' (without single quotes).
  3. Check Display on career site.
  4. Make sure radio button 'Can contain subitems' is checked.
  5. Click 'Submit'.
  6. Type in 'Teamable candidate' (without single quotes.
  7. Make sure radio button 'Can contain subitems' is checked.
  8. Click 'Submit.'

To disable your Jobvite integration, we recommend doing the following:

Contact Jobvite support to disable the keys that were created.

Remove the custom fields specified above, if you wish.

Still have questions? Contact Support.

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