What branding customization options are available?

Learn more about custom branding options that are available for your Teamable account.

Custom branding is available for customers for an additional charge. Please connect with your Account Executive to learn more.

  1. What custom branding does Teamable support?
  • Color changes
  • Navigation/header color
  • Onboarding color and background image support
  • Logo in the application and logo on onboarding screen
  1. Color changes we support:

1.1 Active color (green color in Teamable)- which is used for buttons and action texts. This color can be replaced with any color provided by the customer.

       Here are examples of the pages in Teamable where the active color will change





1.2  Navigation/header color - the background color for the header will be changed for all users on all pages. This doesn't apply for secondary navigation, it will remain the same.

If the background color changes to light color, then text colors will be dark

1.3. Images- Onboarding background image can change. It can be either light or dark; text theme will be selected based on that

1.3.1 Example with dark color


1.3.2 Example with light color


1.3.3 Example with background image


  1.4. Logo

1.4.1 Navigation/header only (with Teamable icon)

  On header Logo Size should not be larger than original Teamable logo

  Here is example from Spotify:

 1.4.2 Logo on Onboarding-  on this page  the logo can be any size


Q: What do I need to provide to CS if we have purchased custom branding?

  • Active color
  • Navigation color
  • Branding background color or image
  • Logo for header and Onboarding Signup
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