Step by Step to Refer and Message Your Contacts

Ensure you continue to work with the best and help your company stand out by messaging people in your network.


  1. Click on Refer>Open Jobs> and choose a job to find suggested matches in your network.


2. Click the Refer button to send them a message.
3. Customize the email message with a line or two. Should take you less than 10 minutes to do 10 of them. Don't overthink it - the fact that it's coming from you - someone they know, makes a big difference. (10x) No one ever got mad for you thinking of them for a position and your company (if you know them, even very loosely). It's flattering. Click 'Submit Referral'.

The average person has 5-50 great people in their network that would help make great hires at their company and some have a multiplier more. While we don't expect you to send messages to all of them, even just a few can help.

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