What is the difference between 'Intro' and 'Source'?

Teamable has simple and intuitive workflows for both sourcers and recruiters--and it all starts with the 'Intro' or 'Source' button.

Q: In Teamable, when I click on a job from the Recruiter view, I see an Intro button and a Source button next to each candidate profile. What is the difference between the two?

Figure One: Example of a candidate profile and the 'Intro' and 'Source' buttons.

A: When you click on 'Intro' you're able to request an introduction to an employee who is a first degree connection right away (by default everyone who knows the prospect will be selected). When you click on 'Source' the prospect is added to the 'Sourced' stage from the Tracking tab for that job. From here, you can vet the prospects further and send requests for warm intros via the 'Send Request' button.

Figure Two: Example of a candidate profile that has been added to the Sourced stage.

So why two approaches? Simple. It allows for greater flexibility for recruiting teams. If you're a sourcer and your job is to quickly identify any viable prospects and add them to a job list, click on the 'Source' button for each prospect that appears to meet your criteria. If you're a recruiter or hiring manager working with a sourcer, you can review sourced candidates from the Tracking>Sourced stage, see additional information by clicking on Info before sending requests for a warm intro to one or more connected employees via the 'Send Request' button.

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