What type of Information Gets Written to Greenhouse?

When you connect your Greenhouse ATS, Teamable will push candidates and tags whenever certain conditions are met.

What is the difference between a prospect and a candidate?

From the Teamable perspective:

  • A prospect is a person sourced for a job (not yet contacted, but might be asked for an introduction or a referral can be made which is not approved). Not yet pushed to ATS.
  • A candidate is a person who is messaged. Once the message is sent out or a resume is uploaded (after approval) the prospect becomes a candidate and is pushed to ATS. 

From the Greenhouse perspective:

  • A prospect is someone who has been identified and messaged for a job but hasn't yet indicated an interest. 
  • A candidate has signaled active interest by giving his/her resume to someone at the company in order to be introduced to the hiring team.

When does a prospect get pushed into Greenhouse?

  1. Person is directly messaged - Moved to ‘Intro Made’ stage. 
  2. Recruiter asked for an introduction and then messaged - Moved to ‘Intro Made’ stage. 
  3. Person is referred by employee and approved by recruiter - Moved to ‘Intro Made’ stage. 
  4. A resume is uploaded and approved by Recruiter - Moved to ‘Intro Made’ stage. 
  5. Person is manually moved to a bucket, Moved to ‘Intro Made’ or ‘Interview Status’ stage.

The main indicator in Teamable that person is pushed to ATS is that the person is in the ‘Intro Made’ stage, which means that the person has been messaged.

Can a person end up as a candidate in  Greenhouse (as defined by Greenhouse)?

Only in cases where an employee uploads a person's resume to Teamable.

What is the source in Greenhouse from Teamable?

We push only one source type to GH which looks like this:  'Referred on Teamable (Refferer_name)'.

Do you have a complete list of Teamable tags that are pushed to Greenhouse and under which conditions?

Below is the complete list of pushed tags and explanations:

  • 'Recruiter sourced (Teamable)' - messaged after making an intro request to employee i.e. a recruiter initiated a referral
  • 'Employee suggested (Teamable)' - Employee initiated, employee referred the candidate for the job.
  • CV Upload (Teamable)’ - Candidate created as a result of resume upload
  • 'Manually pushed (Teamable)' - the person is manually moved to an Intro made/Interview status.
  • 'Messaged (Teamable)' - Recruiter directly contacts the prospect. The referrer field will have the recruiter who messaged person.

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