How to Configure Advanced Search Filters

With Teamable, you can decide which advanced search filters you'd like to make available

The following Advanced Search filters are displayed by default but any or all can be hidden for your account.

  • Include/Exclude employees
  • Company filter
  • Diversity filter
  • Experience
  • Advanced filters - Show current employees
  • Advanced filters - Show past employees
  • Advanced filters - Show candidates already in ATS
  • Advanced filters - Show snoozed prospects
  • Advanced filters - Show hidden prospects
  • Advanced filters - Top talent only

Note: for the Advanced filters listed above, they are all either on or off.

Below find a picture of a Teamable account configured with the default Advanced Search filters (showing all options):

Figure One: the default Advanced Search filters.

Now see an example of the Advanced Search filters where everything but the Include/Exclude employees option has been hidden:

Figure Two: an example of an Advanced Search with just the Include/Exclude employees option visible.

Please note: These options are only configurable account-wide so will impact everyone using Teamable as your company.

To make any changes to your advanced search filters, please contact Support. 

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