How to Enable Okta Integration and Configure Provisioning for Teamable (for Okta Admins)



If your company uses Okta, please follow the detailed instructions below to enable Okta for Teamable.

Step 1: Open your Okta app and go to Admin dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Applications from the navigation bar and choose Applications from the dropdown. Then click on Add Applications button.


Step 3: Type Teamable in the search bar and click "Add".


Step 4: Check the checkbox to disable Okta for Teamable mobile app (we don't have it yet) and hit "Next".

Step 5: On Assign to People tab check the checkbox for "Person & Username" and hit "Next".

Step 6: Click "Done" and then click "Sign On" on the new page.


Step 7: Click "View Setup Instructions" on Sign On page to get IDP Metadata URL and send it to us at



The following provides the optional steps required to configure provisioning for Teamable, and includes these sections:

  • Features
  • Requirements
  • Step-by-step Configuration Instructions
  • Troubleshooting steps

The following provisioning features are supported:

  • Push New Users

New users created through OKTA will also be created in the third party application.

  • Push Profile Updates

Updates made to the user's profile through OKTA will be pushed to the third party application.

  • Push User Deactivation

Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through OKTA will deactivate the user in the third party application..

Note: Teamable does not support group provisioning. Users already in Teamable will not be recreated.

Before you configure provisioning for Teamable, make sure you have configured the General Settings and any Sign-On Options for the Teamable app.

To enable provisioning you need to get Bearer token from Teamable Customer Success.

Configuration Steps
Configure your Provisioning settings for Teamable as follows.

Step 1: Click on the General Tab and check Your Teamable Domain. If the value is blank, click edit to add it. It should follow a similar format as shown below, e.g.



Step 2: Check the Provisioning box. Open API Integration field and click Configure API Integration button.



Step 3: Check Enable API Integration.

Step 4: Fill in Base URL (if available) as follows https://{your_teamable_domain}}/api/v2/scim and API Token as follows 'Bearer YOUR_TOKEN'. (without single quotes) You must ask Teamable Customer Success team to give you YOUR_TOKEN. Then click 'Test API Credentials'. 

Step 5: If all was verified successfully and you've got a message as follows click 'Save'.

Step 6: Teamable app supports only "from Okta to Teamable" integration, so go Provisioning>To App,  click 'Edit'. 

Enable the following by checking each enable box:

'Create Users', 
'Update User Attributes',
'Deactivate Users', 
'Sync Password',

And then click 'Save'.

Step 7: Go to Assignments and assign Teamable to users.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Users without Email or/and First Name or/and Last Name in their Okta profiles cannot be imported to Teamable as new users.
  • Users which deactivated from Okta can not be reactivated in Teamable.

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